Let’s talk customization. Toppings are our version of add ons and customization options. Think of an ice cream cone. Sometimes, people just want a good ole plain vanilla cone… but other times they may want a cone with some toppings, sprinkles, drizzles, etc. Our walls are delicious all on their own, but sometimes you may need or want a little extra. Wooden Initials, Hashtags, Script Names, Sayings like “Happy Birthday”, “Over the Hill”, “Bride to Be”, or “Sweet 16”, floral toppers on the hedge wall, or stick ins, leaves, etc. Check out our toppings menu below and let us make your wall the perfect treat for your next event!

The Drizzles

Vanilla Drizzle

The Sprinkles

Eucalyptus Sprinkles
Gold Leaf Sprinkles
Silver Leaf Sprinkles

Lambs Ear Sprinkles
Frosted Evergreen Sprinkles
Frosted Pine Cone Sprinkles

Paper Leaf Sprinkles

The Cherry on Top

Wooden Initials
Wooden Names