Every few posts I thought it would be fun to feature a wall design. To start it off it would only be appropriate to begin with what we call The Rose wall at Paper & Petals Collection. This wall is the OG (original gangster) to our company. It was literally designed on old doors before I knew what this would all become! We’ve come a loooong way since then. It’s the smallest of our walls and will soon get transitioned to the standard size we are currently using and will probably always be one of my favs!

The Rose

I never could have imagined what would go into this when I had the initial idea! In my head, I just needed something big, feminine, and pink! Well….. what I didn’t realize was how many hours upon hours making paper flowers look realistic would take. I committed to the vision in my head of this huge floral statement wall and anyone who knows me knows that if I say I’m going to do it…. I’m going to do it!!! Even if I had to stay up until 3:30 in the morning for weeks to finish before it’s reveal at my sister-in-laws baby shower!

The Rose with Future Mommy (Carli) and Future Daddy (Eric)

What I love about this wall is how many different sizes, colors, and styles of flowers there are. They all compliment each other so well! Having so many shades of colors allows me the ability to be able to provide this option for really any party that consists of anything pink or blush! Which…for the past few years I am totally digging blush!!!! What a gorgeous shade of pink! I’m finding that I’m not alone. What’s the phrase they use now…. it’s trending?!

I love all the depths and dimensions these walls and flowers create!

So I thought it would be fun to just feature some pictures of the wall used for multiple events so you could check out this blushing beauty in action!

The Rose wall from Paper & Petals Collection used as a photo backdrop!

The next few pictures showcase the wall in different settings for a couple weddings! I loved seeing the guests having so much fun snapping pictures! One bride had an awesome idea of providing a mini polaroid camera next to the backdrop so guests could snap a picture…. shake it like a polaroid picture (if you don’t know that reference to the that check out Outkast – Hey Ya official music video) …. and then the guests had an awesome picture to take with them from the event! Gaaaaah! How cute!

This bride is very dear to my heart and I’ve known since I was in elementary school! Her family and mine were neighbors! I was honored to provide her and her Prince Charming with the Rose wall at their super fun wedding at The Hillcrest Country Club in Indiana. Can’t you just feel their energy in this picture?!

How much fun do these too look!!! Having a blast at their wedding reception
at Hillcrest Country Club in Indianapolis, IN

For the next wedding, which was held at The Gathering Barn in Bringhurst, Indiana, I loved how the lighting and all the natural wood gave the wall a soft vibe and really focused on the more muted tones and peach toned florals. It’s funny how lighting can play on color tones but that’s why this wall makes it easy to match anything and anywhere! It’s smothered in a ton of different shades and textures!

The Rose at a Wedding Reception at The Gathering Barn in Bringhurst, Indiana.
The Rose wall at The Gathering Barn.

Some major perks of owning a rental backdrop company is that you have many options for personal parties you host! My daughters 10th birthday was a girly camping sleepover party (details on that to come in a future post) that was held in our home. I really wanted to set up to be over the top… as most things I do… and I needed something to fill in the corners of the room. The Rose wall was the perfect fit and matched the party colors perfectly. So for this party, we separated the panels of the wall and used them for more of a space filler!

The Rose used as separate panels for my daughters sleepover birthday party!

But… it also was a fun way to snap some pics of the girls!

How cute are these girls with their no boys allowed face!?!

The next couple pictures showcase The Rose outside for a fun Covid Safe graduation party! I absolutely loved that the graduates wanted a girly graduation party vs the traditional school color themes we see. It was beautiful!

The Rose wall used for a girly graduation party! I loved that they decided to go with a girly theme vs traditional school colors! Carmel, Indiana
Guests loved snapping a pic of themselves with the graduating seniors in front of The Rose. Carmel, Indiana

My most recent rental for The Rose was the baby shower of a sweet mommy-to-be! This was held in Pittsboro, Indiana and it served two purposes. 1. Allowed a gorgeous, girly backdrop while the future parents were opening the gifts for their baby girl and 2. Allowed family and friends the chance to get some pics with the mommy to be in front of the wall!

Just like all of our walls at Paper & Petals Collection. Our walls can be used for really any event whether big or small!! The sky is the limit!

Check out more designs on our website: paperandpetalscollection.com or on social media @paperandpetalsindy

♥ – Casey!